Experience Naidu - Tasting & Tour

Experience Naidu - Tasting & Tour

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We invite you to experience a truly immersive wine tasting/vineyard tour that forges an unforgettable connection between our story and our wines thru our exceptional terroir. This immersive experience includes  - a sampling of our award winning current releases. Specially curated cheese/charcuterie plate from a local creamery (V option available). A leisurely walk and tour of the vineyard, outdoor viewing and sitting areas including a Bocce ball court. Please note, this is a fully outdoor experience that is rustic and showcases an off the beaten path tasting; connecting you directly with the terroir in a bucolic setting.  

 $50/PP - 4 person minimum per group / Seating duration 2.5 hours

Cancellation Policy - Tastings are by appointment only and are limited, therefore we are unable to offer a refund on any bookings canceled less than 7 days from tasting date.