Our estate Pinot Noir vineyard was planted in 2001 with Dijon Clones 115 & 777; Rootstock 101-14; producing premier quality Pinot Noir grapes that have always resulted in delicious wines. It is certified sustainable; situated on the Sonoma Coast in stunning Blucher Valley on fine sandy loam soil of Goldridge. The terroir’s distinct coastal influence with brief windows of warmth during the middle of the day moderated by cooling ocean breezes in the early afternoons make it ideal for the finicky Pinot Noir grapes to thrive. It falls within both the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast American Viticultural Areas. The 115 is planted on a steeper gradient slope above the frost line, while the 777 is adjacent on a flatter gradient. Through the vineyard runs a thriving winter creek bursting with blackberry bushes and home to flocks of Quail, Blue Jay’s and during some months, even Turkeys. Grapes are picked at optimal ripeness and the flavors are complete, complex and are not masked by overt ripeness.